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3 Reasons to Create an Online Course

If you are like a lot of professionals and entrepreneurs that are paying attention to what is going on in the online business space, you've probably been hearing all the buzz about the popularity of online courses.  And, you've probably been trying to figure out if you should create one.

According to Forbes, the E-Learning industry is expected to grow to $325 Billion by 2025 up from $107 Billion in 2015.
Yes, you read that right! 325 BILLION in just 6 years!

Wouldn't you like to get just a very small slice of that?  Of course you would!

However, you may be hesitant because creating an online course is something you've never done, and requires that you learn some new skill sets in the world of online marketing.

As an expert in your subject area, you're probably very comfortable working within your niche.  You are confident in what you do, and your expertise has helped hundreds or thousands over the years.  You know exactly what to do, and you have built-in process that you follow.  Basically, you don't have to spend time figuring things out anymore.
However, since creating an online course is likely not your area of expertise, it can be a little intimidating. There are so many moving parts to creating and selling an online course. For example, you’ll need to purchase equipment and software and learn how to use new tools.  That can be a bit overwhelming. 

Your online course is your ticket to creating the business and lifestyle you love. So instead of giving up because you have to learn something now, let me provide you with some motivation on WHY you should create an online course.

3 Reasons to Create an Online Course 

Having created my own online courses, and working with thousands of online course creators, I have figured out the 3 main reasons that motivate people to create an online course. 
  1. LOCATION FREEDOM: When you create an online course, you can serve people all over the world from the comfort of your home or office. This means that you have no geographical limitations and can work from wherever you want. It also means that you can serve people that you would have never been able to serve.
  2. FINANCIAL FREEDOM: You are no longer limited to exchanging hours for dollars. Once you do the heavy lifting to create your online course, you can generate passive income 24 hours a day, regardless of what you happen to be doing at the time. 
  3. TIME FREEDOM: When you create an online course you are no longer limited to serving one person at a time.  You can serve one to many with your online course. This frees up your time to do the things that you want to do, or to focus on other things in your business.  

Imagine the possibilities….

So, now that you know what is possible, you may be even more interested than you were before about creating an online course.

Close your eyes and imagine what it will be like to have your online course available.  You will be making a difference in people’s lives across the world and building a life and business that you love.
Does it get any better than that?

Let me help you share what you know online to create predictable, recurring income while leveraging your time.  

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