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3 Reasons to Create an Online Course

If you are like a lot of professionals and entrepreneurs that are paying attention to what is going on in the online business space, you've probably been hearing all the buzz about the popularity of online courses.  And, you've probably been trying to figure out if you should create one.

According to Forbes, the E-Learning industry is expected to grow to $325 Billion by 2025 up from $107 Billion in 2015.
Yes, you read that right! 325 BILLION in just 6 years!

Wouldn't you like to get just a very small slice of that?  Of course you would!

However, you may be hesitant because creating an online course is something you've never done, and requires that you learn some new skill sets in the world of online marketing.

As an expert in your subject area, you're probably very comfortable working within your niche.  You are confident in what you do, and your expertise has helped hundreds or thousands over the years.  You know exactly what to do, and you have...
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People Do Not Buy Online Courses

Are you considering creating an online course?

 Before you do, I’d like to let you in on a secret.....
Shhhhh...... (Imagine me putting my finger to my lips!) 
People don’t buy courses.
Yep!  I said it.  People do NOT buy courses.....
But Catherine, I thought you created over 100 online courses and went on to sell your online training company……
And I recently read that according to Reuters, the global E-learning market is on track to hit $275.10 billion by 2022……
So, you can’t be serious Catherine! 
Ok, calm down. Take a deep breath.
Your dream of passive income and leveraging your time is still obtainable. 
Instead of creating an online course, you create a STEP BY STEP SYSTEM that provides your students with a SOLUTION, RESULT or...
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Kajabi's Fast 5 Formula: Free, training!

If you sell information or want to sell information need to see this!

Kajabi is offering a completely FREE online training.

If you’ve ever had questions about online courses and why some fail, while others create fortunes...this training will reveal exactly WHY.

After $500,000,000 in digital product transactions and working with thousands of online entrepreneurs on the Kajabi platform they have seen first hand what workswhat doesn’t, and what you should be doing right now!

Since Kajabi is a platform (the one that I personally use in my business) instead of a person they can go behind the VIP velvet rope, see everything that’s working for multiple entrepreneurs, and come back and share it with you!

Which is what they have done specifically for online course creation.

They call it…

Kajabi’s Fast 5 Formula.

It’s the fastest path possible from initial idea to wild success.

Click here to sign up for this training,...

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6 Ways to Validate your Online Course Idea

Are you considering creating an online course? 

If so, then you are in the right place as this blog post is ALL about validating your online course idea.  

I’ve worked with so many online course creators that spend a lot of time and money creating an online course only to find out afterward that no one wants to buy it! I don’t want that to happen to you. Instead, I want you to be certain, without any doubt, that you are creating a course that people will buy.

It is not a good idea to create your course in a vacuum, all by yourself. Having created online courses for years, I have learned this the hard way. Once I figured out I needed to do a lot of research, and talk to my ideal students, the income I generated from my online courses increased exponentially.

Let's get this course party started, so I can help you validate your online course idea BEFORE you create it, okay?  I've got six great suggestions for you!

I’ve listed...

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